14/48:HS Board

Get to know the people behind the Festival! The 14/48:HS Board plans the entire Festival from marketing, communications, development, and casting. Every aspect of 14/48:HS is organized by teens, for teens. Interested in joining the board? Email our producer! 

Daisy Schreiber, Producer

Daisy (Garfield ’20) Daisy Schreiber is more than a little terrified of this whole “upperclassman” deal! Acting and various forms of tech theater (mostly stage management) make her inexplicably, completely, gloriously happy. (but admitting that to the world is scary) She splits her time between a variety of wonderful enterprises, including 14/48:HS (which she loves very, very much), TeenTix, and Northwest Girlchoir. She adores all the amazing people who make 14/48:HS possible, and feels incredibly lucky to keep watch over this important work. When not thinking about theater and arts access, she sings, reads, child-wrangles, cares about things a lot and dissects past conversations to see if she seemed weird. (actually, multitaskers unite! She does all these things and simultaneously thinks about art)    

Gavin Bradler, Casting Director

Esteban Ortiz-Villacorta, Engagement Lead

Esteban (Skyline '21) Esteban Ortiz-Villacorta is ecstatic to be on the 14/48:HS board this year. He is a new upperclassmen who fears the thought of college but is confident that everything will work itself out. He spends the majority of his time working on the arts. Whether he is acting, dancing, or playing with his band "not alone," he puts passion into everything he does. When he isn't performing he's researching about history, reading novels, or doing calisthenics, while also planning out his future projects.

James Riley, Mia Bell, Sophie Otness, Lark Abbot, Tyler Wood, Ava Woo, Solomon Taylor, Sarah Warshaw, Olivia Jewell, Jaden Jones, Kennedy Dawson, and Esteban Ortiz. 

The 14/48 Projects

The 14/48 Projects provides inspiration, support, and guidance. For nearly two decades, 14/48 festivals have created a supportive environment for artistic collaboration and have helped shape Seattle's vibrant and tight-knit theater community. Special thanks to Megan Ahiers, Shawn Belyea, Christi Cruz, Steven Sterne, and Jim Jewell.