Past Festivals

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2014 Festival

November 1st, 2014
UW Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theatre
Theme - The Leftovers
Producer - Walker Caplan

2015 Festival

October 24th, 2015
UW Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theatre
Theme - Unwanted Baggage
Producer - Walker Caplan

Show 6 Dylan and Lace.jpg

2016 Festival

October 8th, 2016
North Seattle College’s Stage One Theater
Theme - Lace
Producer - Katherine Draves


2017 Fall Festival

October 13th & 14th, 2017
UW Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theatre
Friday Theme - Bitter Tastes
Saturday Theme - On Hold
Producer - Katherine Draves

Friday Plays (1-7)

The Regulars - by Connor McKenna
No More Tea - by Caroline Bermes
Under the Bed - by Leela Berman
Sincerely Yours - by Zoe Mertz
Black Coffee - Hannah Wagner
The Candyman Can (but he really shouldn’t) - by Mirabai Kukathas
Big Frida and Her Prickly Pals - by Rachel Warshaw

Saturday Plays (1-7)

On a Bluff - by Ethan Major
Lumpkanella Speaks the Truth - by Caroline Bermes
Two Stops Away - by Rachel Warshaw
Unnumbered Sparks - by Lark Keteyian
The Database - by Aliza Cosgrove

2018 Spring Festival


March 17th, 2018
North Seattle College’s Stage One Theater
Theme - Stars
Producer - Katherine Draves

Plays (1-7)

The Grand Induction of Scotty Thompson - by Aliza Cosgrove
There is No Cure - Eugenia “Yuie” Montsaroff
The Cost of a Potato - Rachel Warshaw
S.T.A.R - by Nasra Ali
Even if You Miss - by Leela Berman
Queering and Dequeering Sex in the Post-Nuclear Age  - by Diego Ortiz Villacorta San Juan
The Show Must Go On - by Anna Smith


2018 Fall Festival

November 10th, 11th 2018
Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theater Saturday Theme- In Rotation Sunday Theme- In Too Deep Producer - Diego Ortiz Villacorta San Juan

Saturday Plays (1-7)

Onto the Carousel - by Lydia Hayes
Identical - by Madeline Williams-Derry
Déjà Vu - by Lark Keteyian
The Dance - by Aliza Cosgrove
Spiral - by Karrsen Bryant
Try This On For Size - Mia Van Inwegen
Finishing the Block -by Leela Berman

Sunday Plays (1-7)

Nessie - by Kendall Kieras
Q & A - by Ela Park
The Issue Is - by Leela Berman
Child’s Play - by Nasra Ali
Wet Utopia - by Jeff Parkinson
Something Blue - by Mirabai Kukathas
Ghostest with the Mostest - by Aliza Cosgrove


2019 Spring Festival

April 20th, 2019 North Seattle College’s Stage One Theater Theme - Just Passing Through Producer - Diego Ortiz Villacorta San Juan

Plays (1-7)

Romeo’s Time Traveling Adventures in Search  of the Best Way to Ask Out a Girl He Really (really really) Likes - by Mirabai Kukathas
Night Shift - by Aliza Cosgrove
Chapters - by Nasra Ali
Ephemeral - by Henry Tan
All the Important Things - Serin Ramp
Ghosts & Cars & Very Old Cowboys - Lark Keteyian
Can’t We Just Be Adults - Ella Park