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Artistic Positions

Actors, directors, band, and writers play crucial roles in the creation of the final performance. Writers spend all night crafting ten minute plays and directors guide actors through the scripts shaping stage pictures and authentic performances. Finally, actors bring the plays to life just 24 hours after the writers started brainstorming.

Design Positions

The unseen miracles backstage make the shows look and sound professional and polished. Our design team includes the sound designer, the light designer, and a team of set, prop, and costume designers. This is a crucial part of our festival, and requires just as much creativity, improv, and sense of fun as our artistic positions.


Management Positions

The unsung heroes of the Festival ensure all details go according to plan. Our day-of coordinator, stage manager and volunteer coordinator along with the Festival producer work hard to create a great experience for fellow participants and a great show for audience members. Our dedicated volunteers help fold programs, staff the box office, pick up food, and arrange snacks. Lastly, the newly expanded publicity team manages our social media, snaps pics, and records the hectic nature of the Festival.