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Q: So . . . what’s the deal with your name? I still don’t get it.

A: Over the course of our weekend festival we create 14 new plays in 48 hours. Hence the name, 14/48! The HS means that we’re a variation of the adult 14/48 festival which is run by the 14/48 Projects. (they do other cool stuff too!)

Q: Does that mean every single person is ACTUALLY working for 48 hours straight? How does anyone survive?

A: Nope! Luckily everyone works at different times! Writers do stay up most of the night, taking the first step towards our awesome art, but then they take the day to sleep while everyone else rehearses. Then we do it all again! It’s a lot of work, but you won’t quite get a complete weekend of nonstop volunteer hours.

Q: How old are festival participants?

A: Our program serve high schoolers - 9th-12th grade. Some 8th graders apply to be volunteers, it all depends on the space we have available. We also have mentors during the festival, adult theater artists who donate their time to come and offer support!

Q: Will you let me know if I’m NOT accepted for the festival?

A: Yes! We won’t leave you hanging.

Q: Can I work both days?

A: Yes! It depends on how many applicants we have, but doing the full festival is very possible.

Q: Can I work just one day?

A: Also yes! It’s completely fine to only do one.

Q: How do I get involved in the festival?

A: You apply! Our application is on this website, and on all our social media.

Q: How much money does this program cost to be a part of?

A: Nothing at all! Being a participant or audience member is all completely free.

Q: How much coffee is consumed, per festival?


Q: Are people only eligible if they live in certain areas?

A: Nope, if you can show up you can do it! We predominantly serve the Seattle area - King, Snohomish, and Pierce County.

Q: Is doing this festival worth being tired and stressed? Is it still super cool?