Acting for 14/48:HS!


Ever wondered what it’s like to act with us? Here’s a breakdown to help you get a better idea of what this wacky-awesome festival looks like!

First, good things to bring!! (no worries if you don’t have some of this stuff)

  • A reusable water bottle

  • A reusable mug —> There will be hot water and tea but there won’t be many cups, (plus, help the environment!)

  • Pencils and highlighters

  • Clothes you are comfortable in

  • Clothes that could be used for costumes (you never know who you’re going to play.)—> This probably looks like: a set of blacks, a set of whites, something fancy (like a white dress shirt or a plain black dress), a couple shoe options, and anything else weird or special (a tutu, a sparkly hat, a shark onesie, etc)

  • Your phone!! AND A CHARGER!! (This will only be used at certain points in the day but it’s good to have for group chats, promotion and photos!)

  • Something that makes you feel comfortable and cozy like some sweatpants or a blanket. This is nice for some down time or stressful moments.

  • Dinner and snacks will be provided but please BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH!! There will be a lunch break where you will have time to socialize and eat. If you aren’t able to bring one don’t worry!! Just let us know in advance so that we can provide food for you!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO EAT!! THIS IS HARD WORK!!

Onto the actual schedule!

Arrive to the North Seattle Community College at 8am and sit in the theater. Try to arrive early so that we can stay on schedule as best we can.

You will be led on a tour of the backstage area (so that you don’t get lost later!)

Directors will draw the number of actors they need  from the plastic ice cream cone called “The Cone of Destiny!!” Your name will be one of them so be ready. This makes the shows completely random and exciting :)

You will meet up with your director, designer, writer and cast and go to your room where you will rehearse for the day.

Your writer will explain their vision of their script and then you will read through it, possibly a couple times to figure out casting.

Then your writer will leave and go sleep and YOU will get working on your play!!

You will block the show with your team and then run it. Then at some point you will take some time to go and memorize your lines.
As the day goes on, you will just continue on perfecting your show to the best of your abilities:)

Around 12pm you will eat LUNCH!!

You’ll then get a tech time after lunch. When you do, you will run all of the “techy” parts of the show on the actual stage. “Techy” things include sound effects, lights, and transitions. Be prepared to repeat your lines and not run the entire play. There isn’t a lot of time since we have 7 shows to tech!!

The rest of the time before curtain you can just run lines, get in a focused mind space, and hang out with your friends, (hopefully some are new!) GET YOURSELF HYPED UP!! Also, use this time to promote the show. Post photos on social media and text your friends and family. Everyone’s work deserves a full house of people!!

At some point, usually around 5pm we will provide dinner! EAT!! you need to keep the energy up for a long time!

At 7 the house opens and at 7:30pm the plays will go up!!

Once the performances are finished you will do curtain call in the same show order! (This is when you bow!)

Then you can socialize with your friends, family and everyone else who has come to see the show!!

Make sure to send some love to your peers and friends on the WALL OF LOVE!! This is a designated wall filled with sticky notes that your peers have written to each other saying kind and loving things. You will get to take them home afterwards and keep the lovely words.

At 10pm you will perform the entire show again!!

Afterwards, CELEBRATE!! REJOICE!! YOU HAVE WORKED SO HARD!! Go home, drink some water, and GO TO SLEEP!! You have done exceptional work and deserve some good sleep.

Then, MAYBE YOU DO IT ALL AGAIN!! (or maybe you don’t! that’s ok too)